1. The School was founded in 1925 as a Technical School in accordance with a Legislative Decree (LD) on the 2nd of September 1925, published on the 274th Government Gazette, on September 11, 1925.

2. According to the LD of Feb 06, 1926, the Technical School belonged to the School of Military Engineering, as a School of Technical Education, consisting of two departments:

a. Department of Technical Projects.

b. Department of Electrotechnology and Mechanical Engineering.

3. The official first day of operations took place on the 4th of February 1926.

4. By Law 4838/1930, the LD of February 06, 1926 was officially approved and the School was renamed as Department of Technical Education of the School of Military Engineering.

5. By Law 2125/1939 the School’s operation was stopped, after the introductory examinations of the year 1940.

6. By LD 1204/1949, the School was refounded in 1949 under the name «School of Technical Education for Engineer Officers (STEEO)».

7. By the Law 1394/1982 «Training of Army Personnel» which annulled the Law 2125/1939, the School was renamed as «Engineer Officers’ Technical School (EOTS) » and belongs to the Military Schools of Higher Technical Education.

8. From 1926 until today, there have been Army Engineer Officers as graduates, who carried out all kinds of construction projects in the Hellenic Army, as follows:

a. Fortification: Fortification works of the Macedonian and Thracian borders.

b. Airfields: Construction of many modern airfields in the Greek territory.

c. Projects of Military Interest: Construction or supervision of many modern military camps.

d. Projects of Public Utility: Reconstruction and restoration at the regions of Thessalia, Hepirus, Eptanisa (Ionian Islands), Peloponnisos and Athens, which were hit by earthquakes. Participation and Supervision of great construction projects, national highways’ construction and carried out a wide field of projects on improving cultivation areas.

9. At the School, there have been Professors of international prestige, who also became ministers, under-secretaries, presidents of the Academy of Athens, rectors, vice-rectors, professors of the National University of Athens (NTUA) and individuals with officially recognized scientific prestige.