Organization of Education

1. The education lasts for 5 educational semesters. The 1st and 3rd semester begin on September of each year until the end of January of the next year, the 2nd and 4th semesters on February until the last days of July of the same year and the 5th semester on September until January of the last year.

2. The courses being taught at the School are the same with those being taught at the Engineering School of National Technical University of Athenw (NTUA), as well as the course of Fortification.

3. ΤThe educational staff of the School consists of Professors, Substitute Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers of NTUA and other Higher Education Institutions who own a Doctorate and retired or on active duty Officers who are graduates of NTUA or of equivalent Institutions.

4. For the education of the trainees there are classrooms, PC classroom with all the necessary programs installed, Internet and a library. Furthermore, for the education to become more efficient, apart from the teaching of the courses, it includes:

a. Laboratory courses (mostly taking place at the labs of NTUA).

b. Practical applications (on field, mostly during the courses of Pavemet Enginnering and Geodetics).

c. Lectures.

d. Calculation and construction subjects.

e. Educational visits.

f. Diploma thesis (similar to the one of NTUA).

5. ΜThe trainees, post graduation, can get all the books they were given for their studies.