Introductory Exams

1. The introductory exams are announced by order of the Training Directorate of the Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS/TD) and they are being conducted each year during the three first months of the year at the place determined by the order of the conduction of the examinations.

2. Engineer Officers who have graduated from the Hellenic Army Academy and Navy Engineer Officers who have graduated from the Hellenic Navy Academy are able to participate at the examinations, if they have the following typical and substantial qualifications:

a. They have a rank of Lieutenant, Captain and Major for the Army and the corresponding ranks for the other Departments at the 1st year of education.

c. They have already completed their time on duty until the date when education begins. Or, they have enough time to do this (full time or supplementary), after they graduate.

3. The number of the Officers, who must enter the School, cannot be over 14 for Engineer Officers, 2 for Navy Officers and 2 for any foreign Officers.

4. The candidates are examined at:

a. Mathematical Analysis.

b. Analytic Geometry.

c. Physics.

d. Engineering.

5. The examinations are conducted at 4 consecutive days, one day per course.